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Darko – Single (28.03.2015)

07:00   Newcastle Jets – Adelaide United   2   1,60      

Match between Newcastle Jets and Adelaide United – Australia, A league. It is 5 rounds to the end of the regular season. It is almost clear who will participate in next stage, but it is not clear who will be in first two places. That is very important because first two teams go directly in semi-finals, while teams from third to sixth place will play in quarterfinals.

Newcastle Jets is on the bottom of the table. They have only 14 points and they are without any chances for playoffs. I can say that this season has finished for this team. For today’s game they will be without: Andrew Hoole (midfielder 20/0) who is with national team. Injured are: Jess Kedwell Vanstrattan (goalkeeper 0/0), Scott Neville (defender 16/2), Joshua Barresi (midfielder 0/0) and James Virgili (attacker 8/0).

Adelaide United with 37 points are on fifth place. But, for sure they will fight for better place, because they can. Even they have good chances for first two places. In this game against one of the weakest teams in the league, they must win. It is 4 points difference from them and second on the table, so with 5 games remaining, they have chances.
For this game they will be without: Tarek Elrich (midfielder 21/0), Awer Mabil (attacker 18/4), Jordan Elsey (defender 0/0) and John Hall (goalkeeper 0/0).

Mutual games in this season:
Adelaide United vs Newcastle Jets      7 : 0
Newcastle Jets vs Adelaide United      2 : 1

I must to say that Newcasatle won at home against Adelaide, but that was at the begginig of the season. Before two months, Adelaide won with 7:0 against Newcastle.
Adelaide have much better roster. They have 4 players from Spain and that is important for this league. No important absences, before this game. I expect easy win for Adelaide.



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Darko – Single (27.03.2015)

00:00   Washington – Charlotte   187,5- (under 187,5)   1,90   FT 96:96 (110:107)   (LOST)

So, we have weekend with national teams and in that situation it is better to stay away from them. For today I will go again with NBA league. Match between Washington Wizards and Charlotte Hornets. I expect one tough, low-scoring match. Both sides are limited in offense, so I think that it will be low-scoring game with not more then 185 points.

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Darko – Single (26.03.2015)

21:00    Armani Milano – Laboral Kutxa    163,5+  (over 163,5)        1,90   FT 99:85   (WON)

Match between Armani Milano and Laboral Kutxa – Euroleague, basketball. I expect one interesting game. Both teams are playing fast, especially Laboral, so their games are very good for watching. I expect one high-scoring game. Both teams are capable to go above 80 points here.

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Darko – Single (25.03.2015)

02:00   Utah Jazz – Portland   185,5- (under 185,5)   1,90   FT 89:92   (WON)

Match between Utah Jazz and Portland Trail Blazers – NBA league. Both teams have problems with injuries, so their offensive power will be weaker. Because of that I expect one low-scoring game, where both sides will score maximum 90 points, not more.

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Darko – Single (24.03.2015)

03:30   Portland(+5,5) – Golden State   H2    1,90   FT 108:122   (WON)

Match between Portland Trail Blazers and Golden State Warriors – NBA league. Two great teams from western conference will meet tonight. Golden State has incredible good season so far, while Portland also is very good but with a lot of problems with injuries. Here, I think that Warriors will have easy game and I expect visitors to win this game easily.

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Darko – Single (23.03.2015)

17:00   Concordia – Ceahlaul  /Concordia over 1,5 goals   1,83   FT 0:1   (LOST)

Match between Concordia Chiajna and Ceahlaul – Romania, first league. Well, for today they offer is poor and this game is the most interesting for me. I think that Concoridia is much better team, they are in good shape, they need points. So, I think that this should be a home win with few goals from the hosts.

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Darko – Single (22.03.2015)

20:45   Lazio – Verona   3+ (over 2,5)   1,70    FT 2:0   (LOST)

Match between Lazio and Verona – Seria A. I expect one open game, where goals are for expectations. Hosts are favourites, so they will attack from the start, while Verona with Toni in attack for sure can score here.

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Darko – Single (21.03.2015)

16:00   Newcastle – Arsenal   2   1,65   FT 1:2   (WON)

Match between Newcastle and Arsenal – Premier League. For me Arsenal is much better team here. Plus Newcastle have some problems with absences. So, in my opinion Arsenal should have total control in this game and I expect easy win for the visitors.

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Darko – Single (20.03.2015)

18:30   Union Berlin – St.Pauli   3+ (over 2,5)   1,95   FT 1:0   (LOST)

Match between Union Berlin and St.Pauli – Germany, second league. We have a match between two teams who have worst defense in this league. On the other side both teams have solid attacks, so we should expect goals here, at least three.

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Darko – Single (19.03.2015)

02:15   Mineros – Cruzeiro   2   1,75   FT 0:2   (WON)

Match between Mineros and Cruzeiro – Copa Libertadores. Mineros is a team from Venezuela, while Cruzeiro is a famous team from Brazil (last season champions in this country). In my opinion Cruzeiro is a much better team here. After first two bad games, it is time for a win, so I expect Cruzeiro to win this game.

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Darko – Single (18.03.2015)

02:00   Dep.Tachira – Guarani   3+ (over 2,5)   1,75   FT 1:1   (LOST)

Match between Dep.Tachira and Guarani – Copa Libertadores. This is very important game for both teams and draw will be a bad result for both sides, especially for the hosts. So, I expect one open game, interesting game with 3 or more goals at the end.

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Darko – Single (17.03.2015)

16:30   Din.Bucuresti – Concordia   3+ (over 2,5)   2,05   FT 0:3   (WON)

Match between Dinamo Bucuresti and Concordia Chiajna – Romania, first league. I expect one interesting game with 3 or more goals. Dinamo Bucuresti before their fans will attack for sure, while Concordia via counter-attacks will have many chances against bad home defense.

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Darko – Single (16.03.2015)

21:00   Swansea – Liverpool   2   2,05   FT 0:1   (WON)

Match between Swansea and Liverpool – England Premier league. Swansea started the season very well, but now they are little weaker. Liverpool started the season terrible, but now (together with Arsenal) they are in best shape in this league. In my opinion Liverpool is much better team, they will be fully motivated here, because they need 3 points to keep the chances for qualifications for Champions League.

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Darko – Single (15.03.2015)

21:00   Marseille – Lyon   3+ (over 2,5)   1,85   FT 0:0   (LOST)

Derby match between Marseille and Lyon. This will be the most interesting game in this league. Both teams, together with PSG are main candidates for the title. So, I expect one open game, game where both sides will score. At the end 3 or more goals are my expectations.

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Darko – Single (14.03.2015)

14:00  Arm.Bielefeld-Hansa Rostock   3+ (over 2,5)   1,80   FT 3:2  (WON)

Match between Arminia Bielefeld and Hansa Rostock – Germany, 3 league. I expect one interesting game with 3 or more goals. Arminia Bielefeld have best attack in the league, so we should expect few goals from the hosts, while Hansa have also solid attack and for sure can score here, at least one goal.

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Darko – Single (13.03.2015)

18:30   Bochum – Heidenheim   3+ (over 2,5)   1,90   FT 4:1   (WON)

Match between Bochum and Heidenheim. Both teams have great attacking lines, so we should expect goals here. In my opinion Bochum is near to win this game, but my main bet are goals. I expect 3 or more goals on the match.

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Darko – Single (12.03.2015)

21:05   Fiorentina – Roma   0-2 (under 2,5)   1,70   FT 1:1   (WON)

Match between Fiorentina and Roma – Europa League. This will be first match. For me in this kind of competition, first match is always close, tough without many chances, where both sides are concentrated about their defense. This is a game between two italian teams and in my opinion in this game we will see one big fight in the middle of the pitch.

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Darko – Single (11.03.2015)

03:00   Phoenix(-4,5) – Minnesota   H2   1,90   FT 106:97   (LOST)

Match between Phoenix Suns and Minnesota Timberwolves – NBA. Both teams are in not so good shape. Phoenix with 4 wins in last 10 games, while Minnesota have 3 win in their last 10 games. Here, I expect one close game, where away win will not be surprise for me.

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Darko – Single (10.03.2015)

00:00   Philadelphia – Dallas   5,5+ (over 5,5)   1,80   FT 1:2   (LOST)

Match between Philadelphia Flyers and Dallas Stars – NHL (ice hockey). I expect one interesting game with many goals. Dallas is a team which games are fully with goals, so I expect another game with 6 or more goals. Both teams had enough time to rest, so in my opinion it should be many goals here.

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Darko – Single (09.03.2015)

00:30  Toronto – NY Islanders   5,5+ (over 5,5)   1,85    FT 3:3(3:4)  (WON)

Match between Toronto Maple Leafs and New York Islanders – NHL (Ice-hockey). I expect one interesting game with many goals on this match. Both teams have strong attack and not so good defense, so in my opinion it should be 6 or more goals here. The tradition is deeply on our side.

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Darko – Single (08.03.2015)

20:45   Napoli – Inter   3+ (over 2,5)   1,90   FT 2:2   (WON)

The most interesting game in Serie A for this round. Match between Napoli and Inter. The weather in Naples will be perfect. For the time of the game it will be about 9 degrees. Both teams have much better attack, from their bad defenses, so we should expect match with 3 or more goals.

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Darko – Single (07.03.2015)

16:00   Wolverhampton – Watford   3+ (over 2,5)   1,95   FT 2:2   (WON)

Match between Wolverhampton and Watford – Championship, England. I expect one great game for watching with many chances. The time will be sunny, about 12-13 degrees. So, I expect both teams to score here. Both teams have great attacking lines, so we should expect 3 or more goals on the match.

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Darko – Single (06.03.2015)

18:30   Dusseldorf – Bochum   3+ (over 2,5)   1,90   FT 2:2   (WON)

Match between Dusseldorf and Bochum – Germany 2 league. Both sides with pretty good attacking lines, so we should expect goals from both sides. All in all I expect 3 or more goals on this match.

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Darko – Single (05.03.2015)

20:45  Laboral Kutxa-CSKA Moscow   164,5+(over 164,5)   1,90  FT 74:81   (LOST)

Match between Laboral Kutxa and CSKA Moscow – Euroleague. Both teams are playing fast basketball, both teams have great shooters. Also both teams like to shoot many threes on the match. So, I expect one interesting, high-scoring game. Something similar like in the match between these two teams in Moscow.

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Darko – Single (04.03.2015)

01:30   Toronto R.(+4,5) – Cleveland C.   H2   1,90   FT 112:120   (WON)

Match between Toronto Raptors and Cleveland Cavaliers – NBA. Two teams with different momentum. Toronto started the season great and was one very good positive surprise, while Cleveland was so bad at the start. But, now the situation is much different. In my opinion Cleveland is a big favourite here, so I expect Cleveland to win this game easily.

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Darko – Single (03.03.2015)

20:45   Swindon – Gillingham   3+ (over 2,5)   1,75   FT 0:3   (WON)

Match between Swindon and Gillingham – England, League Two. I expect one interesting match with 3 or more goals. Hosts are favourites here, their attack is so strong and we should expect goals from them. But, Gillingham also have solid attack and for sure can score here.

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