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Great start of the new month…In first 4 days we have 6 wins / 1 lost…
Single -> Arminia Bielefeld vs Werder Bremen 3+ (over 2,5)   @ 1,75   (WON)
Double -> Man.City(-1,5) vs Leicester H1   &   Liverpool vs Burnley 1   @ 2,35   (WON)

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Darko – Single (05.03.2015)

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Darko – Single (04.03.2015)

01:30   Toronto Raptors(+4,5) – Cleveland Cavaliers   H2   1,90

Match between Toronto Raptors and Cleveland Cavaliers – NBA. Two teams with different momentum. Toronto started the season great and was one very good positive surprise, while Cleveland was so bad at the start. But, now the situation is much different. In my opinion Cleveland is a big favourite here, so I expect Cleveland to win this game easily.

Toronto Raptors have 38-22 so far. They are second on the table, but Chicago and Cleveland are very close and big danger for that second place in eastern conference. Toronto in last 7 games had only 2 wins and in my opinion it will be very tough to keep that second place to the end of the regular season. Toronto have solid team, few great players in the roster. But, for this game one of their main players Lowry is doubtful and almost for sure will miss this game. Lowry missed last two games and probably will not play tonight.

Cleveland Cavaliers have 38-24 so far. They are playing much better now. They made some changes and now they are much competitive for the title. They brought JR Smith, Shumpert, Mozgov and now they are much better. Irving missed few games, but he was back in last game, so he will play. Varejao is out for the rest of the season. Marion will be out few more games.

Mutual games in this season:
Cleveland Cavaliers vs Toronto Raptors        105 : 101
Toronto Raptors vs Cleveland Cavaliers        91 : 105
Cleveland Cavaliers vs Toronto Raptors        93 : 110

Well, Toronto without Lowry will be much weaker for sure. Cleveland is in good shape, Irving is back. I expect Cleveland to win this game by 5 or more points difference.



Darko – Single (03.03.2015)

20:45   Swindon – Gillingham   3+ (over 2,5)   1,75   FT 0:3   (WON)

Match between Swindon and Gillingham – England, League Two. I expect one interesting match with 3 or more goals. Hosts are favourites here, their attack is so strong and we should expect goals from them. But, Gillingham also have solid attack and for sure can score here.

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Darko – Single (02.03.2015)

18:00   Alytaus Dzukija – Prienai   150,5- (under 150,5)   1,90   FT 101:74   (LOST)

Match between Alytaus Dzukija and Prienai – basketball, Lithuania. I expect one low-scoring game, not more then 145 points here. Both teams, especially the hosts have great, strong defense. On the other side both teams are nothing special in offensive part of the game.

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Darko – Single (01.03.2015)

13:45   St.Gallen – Grasshoppers   3+ (over 2,5)   1,90   FT 1:1   (LOST)

St.Gallen have 8-6-6 so far. In that 20 games they had scored 31 and conceded 30 goals. That’s average 3,1 goals per game. For this game only Karanovic (attacker 16/1) is doubtful. All other players are available. St.Gallen have solid attacking line and against worst defense in this league, they are capable to score few goals.

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Darko – Single (28.02.2015)

14:00   Arm.Bielefeld – Unterhaching   3+ (over 2,5)   1,85   FT 4:0   (WON)

Match between Arminia Bielefeld and Unterhaching – Germany, 3 league. I expect one interesting game, where both sides are capable to score, especially the hosts who are big favourites in this game. The weather for the time of the game will be good, so we will have perfect condition for one great game with many goals, at least three.

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Darko – Single (27.02.2015)

20:30   Marseille – Caen   3+ (over 2,5)   1,70   FT 2:3   (WON)

Match between Olympique Marseille and Caen – France, Ligue 1. Marseille is in must win situation, Caen is in best form in this league. Both teams with great attacking lines, so we should expect goals on this match. The weather in Marseille in the morning is expected some rain, but in the evening (for the time of the game) it will be clear.

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Darko – Single (26.02.2015)

21:05   Everton – Young Boys   3+ (over 2,5)   1,85   FT 3:1   (WON)

Rematch between Everton and Young Boys. In first game in Switzerland, Everon won with 4:1, so almost for sure they are in next stage. Today I expect one similar game, open game very interesting with goals from both sides. Everton will not defend for sure and Young Boys must attack.

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Darko – Single (25.02.2015)

16:00   Covilha – Guimaraes B   3+ (over 2,5)   2,05   FT 2:0   (LOST)

Match between Covilha and Guimaraes B – Portugal, Segunda Liga. I expect one open, interesting game between these two teams. The weather will be perfect in Covilha, so I expect 3 or more goals on this match.

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Darko – Single (24.02.2015)

20:45   Blackburn – Norwich   3+ (over 2,5)   1,80   FT 1:2   (WON)

Blackburn have 11-11-10 so far. In that 32 games they had scored 42 and conceded 42 goals. For this game they will be without: Lowe (midfielder 12/0). Doubtful are: Taylor (midfielder 11/0) and Dunn (midfielder 8/0). Blackburn have solid attacking line. Their strikers Gestede and Rhodes are very dangerous. Together they had scored 25 goals so far. Blackburn played very interesting games at home ground against teams like Norwich. For example they won with 3:2 against Bournemouth, they played 2:2 with Watford and lost from Derby 2:3.

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Darko – Single (23.02.2015)

19:00   Midtjylland – Odense   3+ (over 2,5)   1,85   FT 3:0   (WON)

Match between Midtjylland and Odense – Denmark. I think that Midtjylland is near to win this game, but also I expect 3 or more goals on the match. Both teams, especially host have great attackers, so we should expect goals.

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Darko – Single (22.02.2015)

15:00   Kasimpasa – Trabzonspor   3+ (over 2,5)   1,75   FT 1:1   (LOST)

One very interesting game between Kasimpasa and Trabzonspor. I expect one open game with goals from both sides. Both teams have great attacking lines, so we should expect one game with 3 or more goals.

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Darko – Single (21.02.2015)

16:00   Watford – Norwich   3+ (over 2,5)   1,80   FT 0:3   (WON)

Watford have 17-5-9 so far. In that 31 games they had scored 63 and conceded 37 goals. That’s average 3,2 goals per game. Watford is playing attacking football, especially at home ground where they scored average 2 goals per match. For this game they will be without: Sean Murray (midfielder 6/0). All other players are available.

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Darko – Single (20.02.2015)

20:30   Standard – Waasland-Beveren   3+ (over 2,5)   1,70   FT 3:2   (WON)

Match between Standard Liege and Waasland-Beveren. Standard is huge favourite here, they are in good shape, so one sure home win is for expectation. Tonight is expected a rain in Liege, but for the time of a game it will not be a rain, or some periods of light rain – nothing special.

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Darko – Single (19.02.2015)

19:00   Wolfsburg – Sporting   3+ (over 2,5)   1,75   FT 2:0   (LOST)

Match between Wolfsburg and Sporting – Europa League. This is first game and I expect one interesting, open game, because both teams have great attacking lines and for sure we can see many goals in this two matches between these teams.

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Darko – Single (18.02.2015)

22:45   Guarani – Sporting Cristal   3+ (over 2,5)   2,00   FT 2:2   (WON)

Copa Libertadores, group 8. Match between Guarani Asuncion (from Paraguay) and Sporting Cristal (from Peru).

I follow Guarani in last few seasons and their matches are fully with goals. Their attack is great, especially at home ground. In local league they started with two home wins with 3:1 against Nacional and 3:2 against Diaz. In Copa Libertadores, home ground is big advantage, so Guarani need a win here. In my opinion they will attack from the start of the match. They are playing attacking football, their defense is nothing special, so they must score few goals here if they like 3 points.

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Darko – Single (17.02.2015)

20:45   Bristol City – Peterborough   3+ (over 2,5)   1,90   FT 2:0   (LOST)

Bristol City have 18-7-4 so far. With 61 points they are first on the table. But, in last round they lost at home ground from Sheffield Utd. with 1:3, so they must stay focused. They have really strong attacking line, one of the best in the league. For this game Wilbraham (attacker 22/10) is doubtful. He missed last game, but their coach said that he have good chances to be in the roster for this game. Anyway Bristol have 4 great strikers, so even without them they are so dangerous ahead.

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Darko – Single (16.02.2015)

19:00   Galatasaray – Balikesirspor   4+ (over 3,5)   2,15   FT 3:1   (WON)

Galatasaray have 13-3-3 so far. With 42 points they are third on the table. They must win this game to stay close to the leaders and keep fighting for the title. They had bad start of the season, but now they are in good shape. They have 7-2-0 in last 9 games in the league. Great news for this team is that Burak Yilmaz (top scorer) is back from injury. He played in the cup on Thursday and he scored a goal. Only Kaya (defender 13/0) will miss this game. Galatasaray is always fully motivated at home ground, before their fans. I expect hosts to attack from the start and in my opinion they will score several goals here.

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Darko – Single (15.02.2015)

15:30   Hertha Berlin – Freiburg   0-2 (under 2,5)   1,75   FT 0:2   (WON)

Yesterday we had so interesting day in Bundesliga. It was scored 27 goals on 6 games, which mean average 4,5 goals per match. Today I think that we have two games where we will not see many goals, especially on the match between Hertha and Freiburg.

Hertha have 21 points and their target is to stay in the league. Their attack is nothing special. For this game they will be without: Heitinga (defender 10/1), Lustenberger (midfielder 14/0), den Bergh (midfielder 6/0), Baumjohann (defender 0/0), Ben-Hatira (midfielder 11/3), Cigerci (midfielder 0/0) and Haraguchi (attacker 11/0).
After winter break, Hertha played one game at home where they lost from Leverkusen 0:1.

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Darko – Single (14.02.2015)

16:00   Norwich – Wolverhampton   3+ (over 2,5)   1,80   FT 2:0   (LOST)

Norwich have 7-5-3 at home ground. In that 15 home games they had scored 36 and conceded 18 goals. That’s average 3,6 goals per game. They have one of best attacking lines in this league. At home ground they had scored average 2,4 goals per game. Their last 8 home games finished with over 2,5 goals. For this game they will be without: Gary O’Neil (midfielder 18/0), Ryan Bennett (defender 4/0) and Elliott Bennett (midfielder 2/0). Norwich have really dangerous strikers like: Jerome, Hooper, Grabban…and I think that they are capable to score few goals here.

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Darko – Single (13.02.2015)

22:00   Guarani – General Diaz   3+ (over 2,5)   1,80   FT 3:2   (WON)

Guarani have 1-0-1 so far. They started with a win 3:1 at home ground against Nacional Asuncion. That was pretty tough opponent, but they won that game. In second round they lost on the road from Deportivo Capiata 2:1. Guarani is a favourite here and they should win this game, but also we can expect several goals from the hosts. For 5 days they have a match in Copa Libertadores (again at home) and they have enough time for that match. I expect host to be fully motivated after a lost in last round.

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Darko – Single (12.02.2015)

21:00   Barcelona – Galatasaray   157,5+ (over 157,5)   1,90   FT 82:70   (LOST)

Barcelona have 3-3 so far. That are not so good results for this team and they are fourth in group stage. Good news for Barcelona is that Navarro and Oleson are expected to be back in this week. They will be without Eriksson and Lampe for this game. In last round Barcelona lost from Real in madrid 97:73. So, for sure they will be fully motivated for this game. Their offensive power is strong. IN previous three home games they scored average 87 points per game.

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Darko – Single (11.02.2015)

02:30   Dallas Mav. – Utah Jazz   196,5- (under 196,5)   1,90   FT 87:82   (WON)

Dallas Mavericks in last game lost from LA Clippers 98:115. One, very bad game from the hosts. But, I must to mention that in first few minutes two important players got injuries. Firstly, Chandler got injury and he left the game. After 2-3 minutes Ellis also got injury and he must to left the game. Both will miss this game. Chandler have average 10,7 ppg and 11,8 rpg. Ellis have average 20 ppg and he is their scoring leader. Also to mention that they are without Rondo who is very important for offensive part of the game. So, this means that Dallas will be without three standard players. It will be very tough to score more then 100 points here, especially without Ellis.

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Darko – Single (10.02.2015)

19:30   Trabzonspor – Sivasspor   3+ (over 2,5)   1,70   FT 2:2   (WON)

Match between Trabzonspor and Sivasspor – Turkey, Cup – playoffs. It will be played one game and we will not have second game. So, I expect open game. With one early goal for sure we will see one interesting game with many goals.

Trabzonspor have great attacking line. In local league at home ground before their fans on 10 games they had scored 24 goals. Their weakness is their defense. For this game they will be without: Bosingwa (defender 14/0) and Kivrak (goalkeeper 4/0). Also they have some doubtful players, but still I believe in their attack and in my opinion they can score few goals here.

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Darko – Single (09.02.2015)

02:00   Minnesota – Atlanta   200,5+ (over 200,5)   1,90   FT 105:117   (WON)

Minnesota Timberwolves is on the bottom of western conference, but they are in good shape. They have 3 consecutive wins. They won against Miami 102:101, against Memphis 90:89 and against Detroit 112:101. Before that streak, they were really bad, but they were without few important players. Now, Pekovic and Martin are back and they were great yesterday against Detroit. For this game Hummel is out. Muhammad is doubtful, while Rubio is questionable. Coach said that Rubio could play tonight. Also Muhammad have chances to be back tonight. Minnesota is in much better situation now. Their offensive power is strong and I think that they can score about 100 points tonight.

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Darko – Single (08.02.2015)

20:45   Inter – Palermo   3+ (over 2,5)   1,90   FT 3:0   (WON)

Inter have 4-3-3 at home ground. In that 10 home games they had scored 21 and conceded 14 goals. That’s average 3,5 goals per game. They brought some quality players in transfer period, like Shaqiri (from Bayern Munich) and Podolski (from Arsenal). Their midfield and attack are pretty solid, but their defense is bad. They showed that in last game in the cup against Napoli, when they allowed a goal in last minute of the regular time. For today’s game they will be without: Donkor (defender 2/0), Andreolli (defender 5/0), D’Ambrosio (defender 11/0), Vidic (defender 13/1) and Jonathan (defender 2/0).

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